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Engine and Emission Control Training
Inspector License - Level 1

There are new California regulations in obtaining your smog license, (Inspector License - Level 1) the state has heard the cry.

Why does a test only smog technician have to go through the same training as a repair smog technician?

The state has answer with a new program, called Engine and Emission Control Training,

This Training is for students with no or little experience, whom wish to learn the engine fundamentals and knowledge of the basic emission control theory, design and operation.

This will be the first step towards your Emission and Engine Control Smog License, (Level 1).

When a student has successfully pass this course and Level 2, they will then qualify for the state examination.

The course will be less stressful and will focus on the students ability to understand the basic engine and emission control components.

There will be no training prerequisite, but the students most complete engine and emission control training, before continuing to level 2.

Can you make the course shorter, Yes you can?

A student can bypass level 1 if he/she has met the BAR specified requirements

Bar Specified Requirements:

They most possess ASE A6, A8 and L1 certification: or

Possess an AA/AS degree or Certificate in automotive technology and have 1 year experience: or

have 2 years experience and have completed BAR specified training.

When a student completes this training and moves on and completes the level 2 training, they will qualify to take the state examination.

Upon successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

Describe and demonstrate the operation of shop equipment and vehicle safety

Describe engine operation theory, and operation.

Understand the knowledge of the engine components, parts and components

Have the basic knowledge of emission control components and their operation

Follow the links of this page, they will contain helpful information for the Inspector License Level 1 classes

Table Of Contents

Smog License Level 1 - Diesel Smog Checks

Smog License Level 1 - Diesel Emissions Control

Smog License Level 1 - Oxides of Nitrogen - Nox Failures

Smog License Level 1 - Spark Control

Smog License Level 1 - Three way Catalytic Converter

Smog License Level 1 - Emissions Pre Test

Smog License Level 1 - Emissions Pre Test  Answers

Troubleshooting Hydrocarbons

Carbon Monoxide "CO" Readings

Smog License Level 1 - Three Way Catalytic Converter

Smog License Level 1 - Thermostatic Air Cleaner

Smog License Level 1 - Evaporative Emissions System

Smog License Level 1 - 4 stroke engine

Smog License Level 1 - Carburetors

Smog License Level 1 - Automotive Coolant

Smog License Level 1 - Turbo Chargers

Smog License Level 1 - Volumetric Efficiency

Smog License Level 1 - Electronic Fuel Injection

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